The Vachana Project

The Vachana Project

Welcome to the Vachana Project! This is the next generation's first attempt to address the community's desire to learn more about the Veerashaiva faith.

Vachana Database 🔗

VSNA does not currently host a searchable collection of Vachanas where we can easily find ones about certain topics or discuss them easily. We hope that this first project will function as that useful collection.

You can search by

  • Kannada text of the Vachana
  • English transliteration of the Vachana's text
  • English meaning of the Vachana's text
  • Author
  • Tags created by our fellow NextGen sharanas


  • We'd love to have your contribution to it too! Please check out one of the existing entries or use the templates that show when you hit the "New" button.
  • Join and participate in the #thevachanaproject slack channel!